The first of six coal-fired generating units at Sundance was commissioned in 1970, and the sixth and final generating unit was commissioned in 1980. The plant is located 70 kilometres west of Edmonton, Alberta, on the south shore of Wabamun Lake.

As a leader in clean electricity, TransAlta is actively working to convert the fuel source for three of the six Sundance units from coal to natural gas, allowing the plant to provide Albertans with clean, reliable and affordable electricity. Sundance Units 1, 2 and 3 have been retired permanently.

Unit # Maximum Output (MW) Status & Details
Coal Natural Gas
1 280 Unit Retired
2 280 Unit Retired
3 368 Unit Retired
4 406 113
  • First commissioned – 1977
  • Currently in operation as a co-fired unit fueled by both coal and natural gas. Effective Jan. 1, 2022, Unit 4 will discontinue firing with coal and operate only using natural gas. It will also reduce its maximum output to 113 MW from 406 MW. (Source. 2020 Annual Report: M6)
5 406 730
  • First commissioned – 1978
  • This unit has been mothballed since April 1, 2018, and suspended on September 28, 2021.
6 401 401
Max. nameplate capacity 2,141 1,201  


Facts & Figures 

Location: Wabamun, AB
Fuel: Coal and Natural Gas
Capacity (MW): 807
Ownership: 100%
Operator: Yes
First on-stream: 1970-1980
Revenue Source: Merchant
Builder: Yes

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