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TransAlta Achieves Full Phase-Out of Coal in Canada

The full conversion of Keephills Unit 3 from thermal coal to natural gas is a significant milestone for TransAlta in its transition off coal. We are pleased to have completed this important step, nine years ahead of the government target.

Powering economies and communities since 1911

TransAlta owns, operates and develops a diverse fleet of electrical power generation assets in Canada, the United States and Australia. As one of Canada’s largest producers of wind, and Alberta’s largest producer of hydroelectric power, we provide clean, affordable and reliable power to our customers.

Our Operations

We operate more than 70 generation facilities across Canada, the United States and Australia. Our diverse fleet includes hydro, wind, solar, energy storage, gas and coal plants.

Customer Solutions

We customize solutions that best fit a business’ consumption needs while reducing energy costs.


We are committed to a sustainable future. At TransAlta, sustainability is more than a business strategy, it’s a competitive advantage.

A Strong Investment

With over 100 years of experience in the power generation industry, TransAlta’s proven expertise has created a company with a diversified asset base – both in fuel type and geography. With our refocused strategy and financial discipline, we expect to grow cash flows from existing assets as well as develop new clean generation for today and tomorrow.

2021 Company Objectives

In addition to meeting our 2021 financial targets, our efforts in 2021 will move us closer to 100 per cent clean electricity by 2025. 

In 2021, our teams are focused on the following:

Sustainable Development

Our 2021 and longer-term sustainability targets support the long-term success of our business. The following targets highlight our future ESG value proposition and paint a portrait of how the Corporation will continue to be positioned as an ESG leader in the future. Goals and targets are established to manage key and emerging material sustainability issues and to improve our performance in these areas. We continue to evolve and adapt our goals and targets to focus on anticipated key areas of sustainability materiality.

TransAlta supports the Sustainable Development Goals

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