Centralia Mine

The Centralia Mine is one of three TransAlta-owned surface coal mines. It is a sub-bituminous surface coal mine located about 10 kilometres (six miles) northeast of the city of Centralia, in Washington State.

The Centralia Mine began commercial operation in 1971 and was purchased by TransAlta in May 2000. The mine supplied coal to TransAlta’s Centralia thermal generating plant until November 2006 when TransAlta stopped active mining operations and is now focused on compliance and reclamation activities.

The life-cycle of a mine includes reclamation. Since 1971, approximately 2,000 acres of the 7,155 acres disturbed for mining activities have been completely reclaimed. For the remaining disturbed acres, the multi-year reclamation process continues.

TransAlta is committed to the protection of the environment and works with regulatory agencies to implement a diverse reclamation program. We reclaim land to a state that is equivalent to or better than it was before our mining activities, or restore it for other uses.

When complete, the reclaimed land supports a variety of land uses such as agriculture, woodlands, wildlife habitat, recreation and wetlands.