Sustainable Development

Our long-term targets support achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals

2022+ Sustainability Targets

Our 2022 and longer-term sustainability targets support the long-term success of our business. The targets in our 2021 Annual Integrated Report Summary highlight our future ESG value proposition and paint a portrait of how the Corporation will continue to be positioned as an ESG leader in the future. Goals and targets are established to manage key and emerging material sustainability issues and to improve our performance in these areas.

We continue to evolve and adapt our goals and targets to focus on anticipated key areas of sustainability materiality.

We establish our goals and targets with reference to the UN’s SDGs and the Future-Fit Business Benchmark. This focus ensures our goals and targets are meaningful in the broader context of solving societal problems; support the ambition of achieving a more sustainable, safe and just planet in the future; and ensure TransAlta’s competitiveness both today and in the future.

To see our 2022+ Sustainability Targets, please refer to page 83 (M69-70) of our Annual Integrated Report Summary.