Lakeswind wind facility is located approximately 54 kilometres southeast of Fargo, North Dakota, in Rollag, Minnesota. This is TransAlta’s second wind project in the United States, with the capacity to generate 50 megawatts (MW). The fully operational facility was acquired in September 2015, with fully contracted customers holding long term contracts.

The Project reached Commercial Operations on March, 2014.

Located on an over 40 square kilometer site in Rollag, Minnesota and consists of 32 GE 1.5 megawatt (MW) turbines with a rotor diameter of 82.5 meters.

Related Facilities – U.S. Wind Farms

Facility Name Location Fuel MW Ownership Revenue Operator On-stream
Skookumchuck Lewis and Thurston County, WA Wind 136.8 49% LTC No November 2020
Antrim Antrim, NH Wind 28.8 100% LTC Yes December 2019
Big Level Westfield, PA Wind 90 100% LTC Yes December 2019
Wyoming Evanston, WY Wind 140 100% LTC No 2003
Lakeswind Rollag, MN Wind 50 100% LTC Yes 2014
Facts & Figures 

Location: Rollag, MN
Fuel: Wind
Capacity (MW): 50
Ownership: 100%
Operator: Yes
First on-stream: 2014
Revenue Source: LTC
Builder: No
Contract Expiry: 2034