Appleton is a run-of-river hydroelectric facility located adjacent to the town of Appleton, near Ottawa, Ontario. It was constructed in 1994 on the Mississippi River at the site of an old mill.

Power is generated using three induction generators coupled through gearboxes to propeller and Kaplan turbines.

The facility generates an average of 6,300 megawatt hours each year.

TransAlta owns and operates the Appleton facility through its wholly owned subsidiary Canadian Hydro Developers.

At a Glance

  • Technology: Inclined Kaplan turbine and propeller, Westinghouse induction generator

Environmental Highlights

  • Protection of the environment is an important part of our hydro power business, as is responsible water use. We continually work with environmental and community groups to ensure habitats are protected, and that all users’ needs are heard.
  • The Appleton facility is EcoLogoM certified by the Environmental Choice Program.
Facts & Figures 

Location: Almonte, ON
Fuel: Hydro
Capacity (MW): 1
Ownership: Yes
First on-stream: 1994
Revenue Source: LTC
Builder: No
Contract Expiry: 2030