NOTICE: Please visit the Alberta River Basin website to see TransAlta’s Ghost reservoir elevation forecast for the next four days.

Click on the faucet icon in “Layers” to view the water shortage map, then click on the Ghost Reservoir station pin. Ghost Reservoir is in the grouping of locations just west of Calgary.

The pop-up data table for the location includes:

  • today’s water level;
  • forecast elevations for the upcoming three days; and
  • the alarm thresholds against which forecast elevations are compared when generating push alarms to Alberta Rivers app users.

If you sign up for those alarms in the Alberta Rivers app for iOS and Android, you will get a push notification to your phone if a forecast elevation for any day (i.e., today or the next three days) falls below the thresholds for which you have signed up to receive alarms. To sign up for alarms in the app, tap the menu, then tap “Alarms”, then tap the “Low Flow Alarms” tab. Scroll down to Ghost Reservoir, and turn on any of the three alarms for which you wish to receive notifications.


  • Ghost reservoir is a working hydro-electric facility that has specific water licencing requirements and TransAlta is legally required to manage the water in accordance with the licence.
  • Reservoir levels are affected by a number of different circumstances, not simply power generation.
  • Even in normal circumstances, reservoir levels fluctuate. Boaters need to be aware of submerged hazards and floating debris.
  • Reservoir elevations are subject to rapid changes during high-flow events as well as drought-like conditions. The public is highly advised to remain clear of all waterways upstream and downstream of hydro facilities, as flows can change rapidly and without notice. TransAlta’s first priority is the safety of its employees, the public and communities where we live and work. Obey all signage and barricades.
  • Visitors and campers to Alberta’s parks are advised to review Alberta Parks and Banff National Park for current safety advisories.
  • For information on reservoir levels and flows in Alberta, please visit Alberta Environment – river basins.
  • Ghost seasonal drawdown begins April 1st, 2018.

If you have questions about the information on this page, please contact TransAlta Hydro Operations.

If you need to report an emergency or safety issue with one of our hydro facilities, please telephone 1-877-967-2555.