Significant volumetric trades made into Q1 2021

Patio’s are going strong still with a beautiful start to Fall – Calgary’s mayor recommended “patio winterization” and tents are popping up outside of restaurants to protect customers from the wind and weather. Alberta saw another week of consistent power settles, averaging $33.57/MWh. Significant volumetric trades have been made into Q1 2021, causing the short term forward curve to see significant movement. Cal’21 is trading up ~$0.50/MWh.

AECO gas averaged $1.90/GJ this week, a 12% decrease over last. The softness can be partly contributed to the mild temperatures we’re seeing.

The Alberta government joined Saskatchewan and Ontario in the Supreme Court of Canada this week to argue the constitutionality of the carbon pricing system. The Court reserved judgement and a decision could take several months.